‘We lived there once’: An underwater mosque resurfaces in India

As the climate crisis causes water levels to plummet, riverbeds to dry and glaciers to melt, artefacts like old warships, an ancient city and human remains have emerged. This story is part of “Climate artefacts”, a miniseries telling the stories behind the people, places and objects that have been discovered due to drought and warming temperatures. […]

Russian forces in Kherson alert as Ukraine plans next move

After recapturing Kherson city, Ukraine kept Russian forces guessing about their next move, pinning down occupying troops in defensive positions and rendering them unavailable for offensive operations. Some 30,000 Russian troops that withdrew from the west bank of the Dnieper river earlier this month were entrenching themselves in the Zaporizhia and Kherson regions during the […]

Europe has labelled Russia a state sponsor of terror. What next?

Brussels, Belgium – The European Parliament has declared Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism”, saying Russian atrocities against Ukrainians and the destruction of civilian infrastructure violate international and humanitarian laws. The Parliament’s move on Wednesday was welcomed by Ukrainian officials, who have been pushing the European Union and NATO countries to label Russia a […]

Fact check: Were three drunk Ukrainians arrested in Qatar?

A fake video ascribed to Al Jazeera claims ‘drunken’ Ukrainian football fans were detained over ‘Nazi symbols’ in Doha. Kyiv, Ukraine – A fake video ascribed to Al Jazeera that claims “drunken” Ukrainian football fans spread “Nazi symbols” in Doha has been circulating online since Tuesday. In less than a minute, the video “reports” that […]

Ukraine battles to restore power as millions face blackouts

Ukraine has been battling to reconnect water and electricity services to millions of people after a barrage of Russian missiles and drones hit energy infrastructure on Wednesday, leaving nearly 80 percent of the country in the dark. By Thursday evening, more than 24 hours after the Russian strikes smashed areas of Kyiv, the city’s Mayor […]

Bombed, not beaten: Ukraine’s capital flips to survival mode

Residents of Ukraine’s bombed capital clutched empty bottles in search of water and crowded into cafés for power and warmth, switching defiantly into survival mode after new Russian missile strikes on Wednesday plunged the city and much of the country into the dark. In the city of three million, some residents resorted to collecting rainwater […]

Will more Ukrainians flee to the European Union as winter bites?

Brussels, Belgium – As Russia’s war in Ukraine barrels into a tenth month, the colder winter months ahead are set to pressure a population with a strong resolve but limited resources. This week, renewed attacks across the nation targeted critical infrastructure and wiped out power and water supplies in several cities, including the capital, Kyiv. […]

Burkina Faso schoolchildren pay double price in ongoing conflict

Dakar, Senegal & Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso – In the small towns in Burkina Faso’s Sahel region, straddling the borders with Mali and Niger, the start of the long-delayed school year finally rolled around last month. The classrooms there – and in much of the rest of the country – have remained empty, even as children […]

A Somali community in London braces for the cost-of-living crisis

London, England – Fadhiya, who runs a Somali community centre, is preparing a weekly lunch for 10 women. It is a dreary morning in Hackney, an inner-London borough, and the aroma of the lamb stew bubbling away warms the room. Having parked their babies’ prams in various corners, the women converse in Somali, catching up […]