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‘If you see me, weep’: Hunger stones auguring drought in Europe

As the climate crisis causes water levels to plummet, riverbeds to dry and glaciers to melt, artefacts like old warships, an ancient city, a mosque that disappeared, and human remains have emerged. This story is part of “Climate artefacts”, a miniseries telling the stories behind the people, places and objects that have been discovered due to drought […]

Fans say Iran vs USA game an opportunity for ‘stronger bonds’

Doha, Qatar – Political tensions have been high between the United States and Iran for more than half a century, but to some football fans gearing up to watch the two nations face off at the World Cup, the beautiful game rises above politics. American-Iranian Shervin Sharifi, 31, is a die-hard football fan who collects […]

French teen seeks justice after policeman beats, urinates on him

The mobile phone footage is shaky, but undeniable. A slender teenager sits in the harsh fluorescent glare of a police station in the Paris suburbs. Towering above him is a municipal police officer in a dark blue uniform, his bulky frame accentuated by a bulletproof vest. The officer taunts and intimidates the boy, grabs him […]

Morocco fans in Belgium elated over World Cup win

Brussels, Belgium – When Morocco scored its second goal and secured its victory over Belgium at this year’s World Cup, a crowded youth centre in Brussels burst into cheers and hugs. The Belgian capital is home to a sizeable Moroccan diaspora, and on Sunday, some 50 teenagers, young adults and volunteers gathered at Capital’s three-storey […]

Palestinians wave their flag high at the Qatar World Cup

Doha, Qatar – The large Palestinian community in Doha knew that having the globe’s attention on Qatar during the World Cup, the world’s biggest sporting event, was an opportunity, and one they do not get very often. “The World Cup has given us a platform to make our voice heard,” Bader, a Palestinian based in Qatar, […]

‘It’s our time to shine’: Qataris on hosting the World Cup

Doha, Qatar – When Qatar was announced as the host of the 2022 World Cup 12 years ago, Aisha al-Ali and her husband had recently married and were starting to build their new house in Rawdat al-Hamama, a village neighbouring Lusail, Qatar’s second-largest city. Her husband had some doubts, saying the location was too remote, […]

Qatar’s traditional headscarf a ‘great symbol of hospitality’

Doha, Qatar – In 2002, football enthusiasts visiting Japan and South Korea for the World Cup became acquainted with the hand fans. Eight years later, vuvuzelas were introduced to the world by South Africa. This year, Qatari national Khalifa Naimi is among those introducing football fans from around the world to a new spin on […]